There can never be too many sources but one can never have enough time. For this glossary, I used other sources aside from personal experiences, observations and insight. I made use of wiki sources and dictionaries if applicable (not listed for there are too many). I used interviews, press releases, and staff/fan contributions and explainers, both in EN and JP, which are listed below. Some sources are seiyuu radio shows and programs (untranslated), which are also noted. Some entries are made from a synthesis from different sources, feel free to ask if you have a question regarding those.

(Seiyuu numbers, scheduling, time management, etc.)

(Linked posts in Audition entry)

(Glossary from Sore ga Seiyu)

(Western voice acting glossary)


(Mic work)


(wā-do kazu)


(Afureko and atereko. Not the only source since it was a mix of many others listed here and some wiki posts)

(Track down/Mix down)

(Kariuta; demo track)

(Hiroshi Kamiya – The Professional ENG SUB)

(Yuki Kaji regarding scheduling and auditions ENG SUB)

(GARNiDELiA Interview regarding TV-size songs)

(Differences, pros, and cons of seiyuu schools and training schools)

(Seiyuu schools)

(Dummy Head Mic)

(Situation CDs)

(Seiyuu castings and earnings)

(Seiyuu nickname list)

(Staff structure of seiyuu radio programs)

(Rōdoku CD)



(Make-up artist)



Press, goods and merch

(Butai aisatsu)

(Photobook distinctions)

(Artist book)

(Can badge sizes)

(Tapestry reference)

(Buppan and resellers)

(Media mix)

Events and Idols

(Women’s section)


(Flower stands)

(Difference between tanjōkai and seitankai)

(Tori and ootori)



Other sources:

Mayu Yoshioka’s program MyCloset for various notes about programs (#0, #6 latter half) and song recordings (#4 latter half), and stage play classifications (#0 latter half) + various MyCloset blog posts related to theater.

Rangaban (Run Girls, Run! Program) EP 5 and 6 about Recording, composers, arrangers, lyricists by MONACA’s Keiichi Hirokawa and Hidekazu Tanaka.

Shirobako and Sore ga Seiyu (Dramaticized but true to a degree)

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