CV – Acronym for Character Voice. Usually seen as “[Character name] (CV: [Seiyuu name])”. As it refers to “voice”, you see this exclusively in voiced works especially in promotional material but it can also be used as an alternative to yaku and vice versa, where applicable.

There may be cases where both CV and _yaku_ are used at the same time. For example, a stage play adaptation of a game gets announced and press info comes out that says “[Character name] (CV: [Seiyuu name])  [Actor name]役”. This means a game character is voiced by a seiyuu and portrayed by a different actor in the stage play adaptation.

As an added note, Katō Emiri, the voice of Kyubey in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, stated in an Instagram Live (May 8, 2020) that without prior permission (due to copyright), they are not allowed to do character voices on demand for live streams or events such as watashikai, etc. If their natural voice happens to sound like the character, they are not allowed to do their lines.

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