Wキャスト - ダブルキャスト

Wキャスト | ダブルキャスト  – W kyasuto | daburu kyasutodouble cast. In theater and reading dramas, this refers to a situation where two actors are cast for a single role. Not to be confused with “understudy” since the concept does not explicitly exist in Japanese theater. This is usually done because of scheduling conflicts where a cast member won’t be able to appear for the entire run, or as a deliberate casting decision to make the show more interesting with different combinations and interactions. A complete A cast / B cast situation may also occur.

Since two actors portraying the same character carry different interpretations, this inevitably fosters a kind of friendly dynamic as both actors compete and try to differentiate themselves while exploring their character’s nuances with the rest of the cast. This results in a more rounded-out show overall since both actors can drastically change the tone of the performance. This can also be a marketing ploy to pull more patrons in, especially if they are a fan of both actors cast in one role.

As an aside, if only one actor is cast for the role, it is single cast (シングルキャスト; shinguru kyasuto). If three actors are cast, it is triple cast (トリプルキャスト; toripuru kyasuto), and so forth.

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